Use the Feather Wiki on Tiddlyhost

Select Feather Wiki

I think you prefer TiddlyWiki, but you can easily use Feather Wiki as well.

Select Show advanced settings on the "Create site" screen:

Select FeatherWiki in the "TiddlyWiki version" field:

Let's use the Feather Wiki!

Upgrading the Feather Wiki

Tiddlyhost will not upgrade the Feather Wiki. It requires you to do the Feather Wiki upgrade work. (This is also common to TiddlyWiki)

Browse to the Your Site page on Tiddlywiki. Click the Download icon of the target Wiki on the list page. This will give you a .html file. Please keep this .html file as a backup until the upgrade work is completed. There are two download icons. Both are valid.

If you have enabled Publish or applied plugins that change HTML (Custom JS), open Wiki once and remove them. Then save the file.

Download the latest version of the Feather Wiki from Codeberg's FeatherWiki Release page.

Note: Do not download from Feather Wiki official site. This doesn't have Tiddlyhost's save feature!
At this time you can choose different versions. The only difference between these is the editor. These versions also add Tiddlyhost's save feature.

  • Tern: WYSIWYG editor + Markdown editor
  • Swallow: WYSIWYG editor
  • Bluethroat: Markdown editor

Open the new version of the Feather Wiki in your web browser and browse to Wiki Settings.
Select Import & Overwrite with Other Feather Wiki file at the bottom of the page. Select the Wiki HTML file you downloaded.

Wiki is reflected and the sidebar changes. If Custom CSS is applied, the design will also change. Confirm that the Wiki is correctly reflected. Save the Wiki as a file in this state.

Browse to the Your Site page on Tiddlywiki. Please select the desired Wiki Upload and reflect it to Tiddlyhost. At this time, and you are uploading to the correct Wiki. If you upload it by mistake, just upload it again.

Finally, check the URL and confirm the reflection.